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EQUALvet in Girona!

The teams of EQUALvet travelled to Girona, Spain, at 25th and 26th of November to discuss about the project's progress!

We have made huge steps since the beginning of the project last year. During these months we researched the training needs of people with intellectual disabilities, the needs of the employers in the field of cooking, gardening and cleaning. Finally, we studied studied the current situation regarding the certification of vocational skills acquired through no formal and informal training at European and local level (Italy, Greece, Spain).

In the meeting we had the chance to discuss in detail all of the above. University of Girona presented the results of the research on the satisfaction of people with intellectual disabilities from their current training experience. TUV Hellas developed a report on the market's needs based on which we will create the job schemes. Finally, EASPD presented their State of Play on the certification of non-formal and informal vocational training.

The relevant reports will be published soon in this website!

Now, we need to develop our training methodology, tools and validation procedure for the three professions. We have a lot of work ahead of us but we are very excited!

The teams of EQUALvet in Girona


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