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First Transnational Project Meeting in Greece!

In March MARGARITA had the honor to host EQUALvet’s partner organisations in Greece for two days. In the kick-off meeting we gathered in MARGARITA old and new friends and colleagues from Fundació Ramon Noguera, Primavera, University de Girona, EASPD and TUV HELLAS.

In this meeting we had the opportunity to learn more about each other and plan EQUALvet’s next steps focusing on the first phase of our project about the research needed in order to develop our training and certification programs. The partners established the first year’s milestones and the criteria needed to develop the questionnaires for the service users and the employers. The partners also discussed about the management and the dissemination of the project.

Everyone is looking forward for our next meeting in Girona, Spain where Fundació Ramon Noguera will host us.


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