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Fundacio Ramon Noguera training on Chef Assistants!

EQUALvet is entering at the final stage of its training activities. The final vocational training activities on Chef Assistant, Cleaner and Gardener Assistant started on March and will last for about 4 months.

There are 220 hours of theoretical-practical training and then students will be able to do 80 hours of practice in ordinary market companies.

In this article, we will see the soon to be Chef Assistants from Fundacio Ramon Noguera. This training covers content such as the organization and management of a kitchen, hygiene and safety at work, coordination of the kitchen with other equipment and the preparation of foods such as soups, meat dishes, fish, preparation of vegetables and desserts. The training will end with an emphasis on techniques for developing an active job search in the sector.In short, the purpose of the EQUALvet project is to help people develop their skills and abilities, as well as their social and professional integration, promoting equality and participation in integrated activities that include, among others, guidance, consulting, monitoring and work placements in companies. These processes are examined and supplemented by the support work methodology, which contributes to the social and labor adaptation of workers with intellectual disabilities when finding work in the free market in conditions similar to other workers.

During the three years of the EQUALvet project, the training program has met all the necessary requirements required by the accreditation agencies to be able to carry out the certification of the professional skills and competencies of the participants. Both the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the European pillar of social rights promote the relevant rights for equal opportunities and access to the labor market and to education, training and lifelong learning.


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