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MARGARITA's practical training on Gardening

EQUALvet's Assistant Gardeners team did a unique practical training activity in the olive grove of the "Dogwhisperer" Dog School in Attica.

During their visit, the agronomist, Mr. George Vlachakos, gave the team excellent tips on pruning the olive trees. The learners then put the theoru into practice. They remembered the importance:

To prune at the points indicated by the supervisor

To plant in places where light, water and nutrients are sufficient

Of photosynthesis and that it takes place in the leaves.

Then, George Vlachakos, who is also a professional dog trainer gave everyone a demonstration in dog training, which is based exclusively on psychology. The team soon became acquainted with his dog, "Makaria" caressed her and took her for a walk on the leash. A great way to end a busy day on the fields!


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