Primavera 85

Primavera 85 is a social cooperative pursuing the general interest of the community, promoting human and social integration through the management of social and health services, education, training in collaboration with other local SMEs and public authorities.

It deals mainly with social, educational and care services for people with disabilities (i.e. with autism, mental-physical disabilities, learning difficulties). The main areas of intervention are: autism, mental and physical disability, employment training, after school services, older people and social inclusion projects.

Primavera 85 aims to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities starting from the identification of their needs, their potential and their life expectancy to try to offer adequate answers.

In particular:

  • offers, through the activation of educational and rehabilitative services, a qualified response to the needs of people with disabilities and / or in a state of mental distress that takes into account human development;

  • promotes training and social-work placement experiences in the territory aimed at improving the quality of life of people with disabilities;

  • provides educational services to support families;

  • promotes the culture of diversity, of difference, understood as acceptance of what is different;

  • supports the "care of the person" with the aim of expanding his choice and enjoyment of his rights.

Primavera 85 intends to guarantee the following principles: impartiality, accessibility, equality, participation, efficiency and effectiveness, right to information and choice.

Currently Primavera 85 manages 4 day centers, 1 service center for autism, 1 rehabilitation center, 1 housing community, 1 job training center and 2 shops.

The Job training center is a service for people with medium/mild disabilities that aims to provide through different paths, skills and tools to improve adaptation and integration. People can work on the assembly line, in a jewellery workshop, in a wood workshop, in vegetable gardens and in a kitchen where food is processed into different food products.

In 2015 Primavera 85 started to work also on accessible tourism field. They launched a project of accessible cycling tourism “Bericando”, which represents an integrated offer in terms of sustainable tourism. On March 2015, the cooperative has been accredited as tour operator, “SVAGA” in cooperation and with the supervision of the National Sustainable Tourism Operator “Jonas”. Finally, from 2018 Primavera 85 started to manage a holiday home in Asiago: a hotel with 70 beds and restaurant.

Compared to the EQUALvet project, Primavera 85 can make its experience and know-how available in the construction of professional training aimed at developing personal skills and entering the territorial working context. Primavera 85 has over 30 years of experience in developing social labour inclusion projects and can provide protected working environments for testing formal and informal learning. / T. +30 210 613 8150

4-6 Messologiou & 7-9 Redestou, Nea Penteli, Athens, 15239, Greece

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