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A trainer shows something on a board
a trainee reads a book

Trainers from Vocational Training Centers

Study Materials

Accreditation Agencies
Policy Makers discussing

Accreditation Agencies

Policy Makers on education

Intellectual Outputs

educational manuals

Educational manuals in the three vocations for trainers, which will describe the training methodology, the curriculum and the tools used.

Validaton Manual

Validation manual for the three vocations which will describe the evaluation and certification procedure.

Policy Recommenadation Report

Policy recommendation report about the validation of non-formal learning focusing on people with intellectual disabilities.


EQUALvet is divided in three phases to develop the deliverables. In these three years we will:

Year One

Preparation and Development of the Educational and Evaluation Program

  • Research Results on learners satisfaction and job market needs

  • Educational program manual (1st edition)

  • Validation program manual (1st edition)

  • State of Play on validation of non-formal education

Year Two

Pilot Program and Evaluation

  • Evaluation of Piloted Training Program

  • Educational program manual (2nd edition)

  • Validation program manual (2nd edition)

  • Policy Recommendation Report

Year Three

Dissemination and Sustainability

  • Workshops with national accreditation agencies

  • Finalize the educational and validation manual

  • Finalize Policy Recommendation Report

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