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EQUALVET Web Conference

On the 15th of November 2022, EQUALvet team had the pleasure to organize an online event to present the deliverables and highlights of the project. The event was hosted by EASPD and took place during the European Disability Employment Week of LADAPT organization from France.

This event took place online on the Zoom Platform with the title ”EQUALVET Final Online Conference”. The participants who attended the webinar were specialists in the fields of special education, vocational training, certification, and employment from different institutions at European level.

During the event, we presented:

  • the training activities and tools we used for the vocational training in the job positions of Chef Assistant, Gardener Assistant and Cleaner

  • the evaluation of EQUALvet's training methodology and various tips on developing inclusive classrooms for people with intellectual disabilities

  • the analysis of EQUALvet's exams procedure, strengths, and weaknesses, and how exams can be improved to become more accessible

  • the Policy Recommendation Report for the validation of non-formal education.

  • LADAPT organization presented their project regarding the Supported Apprentice Scheme.

The presentations of the event can be found in EQUALvet's website under the section Deliverables in our Study Materials

The web conference was recorded and can be watched here or on EQUALvet's Facebook page.


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